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It Jars




    Syrup of Figs
    basement fodder
    kept in storage



    pocketed lips
    palm everyday creases
    we’ll dispense with this later
    twelve months to ripen
    twelve months to blossom
    my basement fodder
    loves to jar

This was inspired by the  Chemistry and Alchemy workshop with Jenny Hope –
part of the Behind the Scenes at The Worcester Museum series.


Foxy Moron – A Wild & Foxy Scronnet



Bob’s bulbous veg was named by proxy

After a live YouTube experiment with a knife

Cunning screams soon fetched his waxy wife

Big Buttoned Boxers seldom felt so Boxy


We’ll name the area in question Mr Foxy

As the bushy beast protected life

Orange dye effervesced causing severe strife

Thank Goodness for his dear lady – Roxy Loxy


You’ll need a companion with you for 24 hours

To keep ‘it’ levered off the ground

No bed baths, creams or power showers

No more reading Horse & Hound!

Penis Puppetry is as dangerous as Rutger Houer

Do thorough research when decorating your mound



I wrote this new Scronnet for the Wild and Foxy night at Droitwich’s Arts and Music Festival on 28th June at Parks Café.

A Scronnet – is a Sonnet with a scrotum theme  (ie: a sonnet that has balls but isn’t bollocks)

A Sonnet – is a 14 line poem using any number of formal rhyming scheme. Above I have gone for the ABBA ABBA CDCDCD
I’ve just worked out that none of my the lines have 10 syllables in. 

A Scrotum – is a pouch of skin containing the testicles

To find out more about the form or to read other new forms such as Vaginelles, Sextinis. Spankains, Hairykus, Tea-or-lays created by some of the V. Press Poets (Jenny Hope, Sarah James, and Ruth Stacey and myself) Please go to The Vaginellas where I go by the name of Kat.

Or alternatively you can make a purchase here


This event was put together and hosted by the fabby Sarah James (who also compiled the poster)
It was a great evening also featuring Antony R Owen, Claire Walker, Betti Moretti,
Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn, Amanda Bonnick, Ian Glass, Tim Cranmore, Michelle Crosbie