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Control your Troll


Control your Troll
Magpies toss teabags whole
jostling for toothpicks
and high energy drinks

Control your inner Troll
That hedgehog lodged
in the catfood tin
denounces most crap as imitation Jar Jar Binks

Control your outer troll
Foxes can now claim tax back on frequent vexing
whereas Oranges are the Only fruit machine
Nudge Citrus Nudge……….wink…wink

Control your metaphysical troll…
And we married him off a few months later…..
‘Vermin’ tweeted a gobby waiter
‘I can see why you’ll need several doggy bags’

Control your Trill eating Troll
Sow artificial coverings from ‘Grass-Woz-Us’
Let all former Goats stay at home
with screen sprung kids

Control ALT Troll your Troll