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Ban Ana Cake


Derek wanted tea. Danny wanted sorting, So we gathered round the tea bag and started extracting all the tea and teeth for a lovely lovely brew.
‘It’s important that all hot drinks are smiley’, scowled Derek.  I pondered at this and said ‘YES It is exclamation mark question mark not really knowing how to say it or IT’.
Danny decided that first we must learn this Blue bird patterned way of life and walk like grasshopper over the uncooked poppadoms…….tip tap tip tap on tippie toe. Of course! Of course? Brilliant idea……..and off we went without a comma.
Now sneaky, comma, all will be well if IT remains whole and complete. Yes! Of course! Of Course? Let us hope that both D’s are successful. Hopeful Hurrahs all round.
Cake anyone?
with cuppa?
(5oz sugar, 6oz SF, 1.5oz spread, 2 nanas,  EGG and 1 teaspoon of the bicarb stuff and half teaspoon of the other stuff.  Mixy Mixy. Bung it in gas mark 5ish. D’naaaaaah )