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Death Star Orange



Malvern to Mullion
an orange it did travel
Stowaway, Forgotten fruit
unable to unravel
Displaying pithy displeasure
while we pastied out a’coasting
Set your sails to Mouldy Whale
Here comes the Pac-Man ghosting

FullSizeRender (3)

Mouldy Orange

We’ve all been ill.
We’re on Penicillin.
We blame this orange.


Brain Washing



Will you wash my brain in syrup?
If you’re lucky girl
Let’s wrap it up in tissue
Your thoughts shall not unfurl
Feel euphoria dribble out
Everything’s peachy yes
We’ll wash your brain in syrup
Licking out the lovely mess



Poundland Stationery



Fanny Pens

Pens for the Fanny

What are these pens?

Does anyone have any?

And can you really buy them for a pound?


I only purchased a ball of wool

Fanny Wool?

Wool for the fanny

To Knit some Knicks

(I haven’t got any)

And guess how much it cost?


If anyone is in the fanny pen know –
please please do get in touch and put me out of my misery. What is a fanny pen???


Are you there Fanny Pen?

shopping lust



uptown cream tea
sheets are maybe
filo pastry
cream horned
on the hour
don’t disturb
ten till two
meat and greet
park avenue
cash point
to the point
su-shi su-sie
kids all
out for tea
make a date
with your mate
pay to
apple pay
carton milk



Afternoon Delight

Shoe Creature


A 6F Shoe Creature (from behind)

Shoe Creature is created
underneath a shoe
a mudded, dry
grassy creature devoid of poo
Shoe Creature is observed
limbs, ears, hair, skin
Shoe Creature is shooed off
and shoved into a bin.


This may have been the first shoe creature
to be created by my nephew’s 6F

Moon Thoughts

IMG_4219 (1)

Moon Pic taken in Malvern 23nd Feb 2016


First Moon Thought
Cheesy Steven

Spielberg circle
in the sky

Special effect wizardry
M+M eating mystery
How did ET ride past
swift, fast
with Elliot and his bicycle
and the unmemorable cast?


Second Moon Thought
I saw a wolf!
Wolf on the stair
Werewolf on the stair
Right there
A little wolf with fur on
Werewolf I declare
Going bark-barkety-bark at the moon
in tune

The Moon was Fat last night. It was too cold to sort out the tripod – but I managed to stay still enough when peeking through the branches by the bins.

The second moon thought is borrowed from the song ‘A Windmill in Old Amsterdam’ written in 1965 by Miles Rudge and Ted Dicks. A mouse is missing.