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Bubble & Squeak




foil toil

fire burn
cauldron bubble
fattened stomach
ballooning stress
gorge and glut
rut to excess
arses spread
generic sofa
all becoming
festive loafers
sip and slurp
burp and bare
white noise stare
glazed potato
seep and emit
ponder on
yearly remit

Was it
really good
for you?


About to add a poached egg to my bubble & squeak


The Slip




I slipped

Not on the pavement

but generally

You shout words of encouragement


Come on the Crisps!

Double Decker

Delish nougaty choc-o-late coated biscuit

Slice with knife and Deeeeee-vour

Such    Good    Form

Cheeeeese Dipper!


You want it

You need it

You need a good dip.

But what if I eat the alternative instead?

What if I eat the emergency carrot?

What then?


After then

You will eat all three


Of course

Off course

Of course