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Smarties (They never used to be Blue)




dress the depressed
in shiny tippy toes
cheer the suckers up
cheer the suckers up

hand out Smarties
in tissues of gold

cheer the suckers up
cheer the suckers up

two blues please
three brown encased
a case of well being
wine your face
chase em
lace em
yellowed pink
wink lead red-eyed
re-placement kinks

orange smiley
half-time facement
keep going well
in a work place placement

greens purples
pop on floor
smartie spores
mosaic hoard
hoover haze
sporadic gazer on stun

flick to kill
freeze frame the sun
freeze frame your life
freeze frame a wife where?
there on a stare
blind em
grind em
love letters lost…
malaisy lady
hiding shady
hiding beds
wants sleep dans
lacklustre head

won’t don’t
want to fill in
time limit

even when sucked
bleed Spirulina blue

F’s and S’s can be exchanged as you see fit


The Olympics: The Opening Ceremony – A Prediction


Let us play Chopsticks with the arrival of the Olympics

as the clerics and the cynics now compete.

Harry Potters on their broomsticks

in Maccy D sponsored tunics

with the laddybasqued endorsed ‘Torch of Flame’

See the mystics start to mimic.

The critics start to critique

50 shades of medals for he who can’t be named!!




Flick the meter for the electric

See the gothics kick the convicts

into fabrics that are handpicked

to make bionic Pantomime Dames

Oh please be just like ‘It’s a Knock Out’

So that I can veg and goggle box shout

With my can of popsical pop without no name.



So it’s ribbons to the rhythmics

And slapstick from the mavericks

ticking all the boxes once again

Picnic at Sigue Sigue Sputnik

with a cheese ploughman’s rustic

Unweilding us comic sidekicks to the games.



Unleash the graphics

Click on the frolics

Let the neurotics and narcotics freely flow.

The gimmicks are now epic

We sink into the Matrix

and become the adoring public

raring to go!!


I choose the red pill this morning

As the Olympic games come sprawling,

Settling down to transfix on the show.