Bubble & Squeak




foil toil

fire burn
cauldron bubble
fattened stomach
ballooning stress
gorge and glut
rut to excess
arses spread
generic sofa
all becoming
festive loafers
sip and slurp
burp and bare
white noise stare
glazed potato
seep and emit
ponder on
yearly remit

Was it
really good
for you?


About to add a poached egg to my bubble & squeak

Poetry Advent Calendar: Window Fifteen – The Walking Dead



Moss means go
germs now seep
scrape a fingernail
wait for the beep

algae green
button red
The Walking Dead

This window is on the Graham Road, Malvern at the lights just outside Greenlink.
Andrew Lincoln had been singing in Worcester Cathedral yesterday too!

Poetry Advent Calendar: Another Window Eight – Brush Pastry



I knead

on the pavement
brushing pastry debris
silicon slender and red
knuckles grow raw
knot needed know more
grit spits shits
from a mouth
in your bed

About 10 metres up from the Spoon (the original window 8) on the Newtown Road in Malvern, this vivid pastry brush awaits its owner to reclaim it.

Poetry Advent Calendar: Window Eight – Spoon Ahead



Spoon fed
Spoon fled
sped Spoon
Spoon wed
bed Spoon
misread Spoon
misled Spoon
Spoon ahead


This is day eight of the found advent calendar. This window was by The Cross Keys Pub on the Newtown Road in Malvern.

Poetry Advent Calendar: Window Four – 3 Bananas



Worcester Road
Bananas Spooning
Comfortable Fruit
Comfortable maneuvering
Pass Brays with caution
Triple Slippage
Triple Skinned

This is day five of the found advent calendar, the rest have been hidden.
This window was found on The Worcester Road in Malvern just along from Brays

Poetry Advent Calendar: Window One – Good Morning Sunshine


Thawing leaves support
unexpected mug
Good Morning Sunshine!
Good Morning Slug


This will be my 2nd poetry Advent Calendar. The last one appeared 5 years ago. I had no idea I would be doing one again until I came across this welcome window in the leaves a few moments ago.

This window was found on the Trinity Road, Malvern just past the church.

I’m assuming that someone was having such an excellent morning that they chose to throw this mug out of their car on the slog up the hill so that it landed on a bed of thawing leaves sunny side up.




pink waferation
of my currenty demise
Let’s Biscuitize Biscuitize BISCUITIZE!
Figroll-itively speaking
Your custard creams are peaking
my interest
Ingest a Dodger of Jammy
Wagon Wheel of Whammy
Tim Tams when they’re tammy
Rich Tea Glee Glutton
Milky Malted Muttons
Finger of Coffee
Nice are Nice
Party Ring fling
laminated in neon
Send in Christmas tinned boxes
Foiled Cadburys and Foxes
Deliver is from plain
Deliver us from weakness
Eating Maryland hordes
in secret
in neatness
Again and again
and verily again
Oh Purveyor
of my biscuity
conveyor belt
Melt each one
saliver satisfaction
crumbled life distraction
Packet of Contraction
Packet of Contrition
Empty wrappers jostle
in waste paper baskets
ginger thins seldom last
in guilty plastic caskets
Fear not fevered friends
in your Oreo Offensive
Shortbread will always bring us
Straight back to our Senses

Cup of tea?

NB. Jaffa Cakes may have been classed as a cake for tax purposes

but I choose to eat them like a biscuit
(a whole packet at a time)