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pink waferation
of my currenty demise
Let’s Biscuitize Biscuitize BISCUITIZE!
Figroll-itively speaking
Your custard creams are peaking
my interest
Ingest a Dodger of Jammy
Wagon Wheel of Whammy
Tim Tams when they’re tammy
Rich Tea Glee Glutton
Milky Malted Muttons
Finger of Coffee
Nice are Nice
Party Ring fling
laminated in neon
Send in Christmas tinned boxes
Foiled Cadburys and Foxes
Deliver is from plain
Deliver us from weakness
Eating Maryland hordes
in secret
in neatness
Again and again
and verily again
Oh Purveyor
of my biscuity
conveyor belt
Melt each one
saliver satisfaction
crumbled life distraction
Packet of Contraction
Packet of Contrition
Empty wrappers jostle
in waste paper baskets
ginger thins seldom last
in guilty plastic caskets
Fear not fevered friends
in your Oreo Offensive
Shortbread will always bring us
Straight back to our Senses

Cup of tea?

NB. Jaffa Cakes may have been classed as a cake for tax purposes

but I choose to eat them like a biscuit
(a whole packet at a time)


My Heart is like a Used T-Bag


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My heart is like a used t-bag
Squeezed dry with a silver spoon
Plopped on a lingering saucer
To be wanged at the compost heap of doom.
My heart is like a bluebird cup
An empty saddened stoneware vessel
Precariously perched in a
Tower of Pisa lurch
given to you by your Uncle Cecil.
My heart is not what I’ve just written
What I’ve written is just a lie.
My heart is actually a boiling kettle
That must never be boiled dry.
My heart is now a cup of tea
Using all the three above.
Warm and wet
for thee always
and always poured with love.
(may contain milk or sugar or nuts)
Photo taken by me in the Cafe at the IKON gallery in Brum.

© Catherine Crosswell