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Bloggerwurst (100th Blog)


The 100th blog have cometh

I review my CupCake Perusing aims.
and look at my blog manifesto

with all of my bloggerwurst claims.

I have failed to mention Imelda
strumming her guitar while playing the shoe,
also pans with pots as company
and pots that are homes for bamboo.
Bamboo’s a great name for panda
you can confuse him by calling him food.
Apparently next week on Attenborough,
Bamboo will get in the mood
Until then, I’ll work on mespellings,
with eyes and ease as they emerge.
Keep whistling this dirge my dear lovelies
While we see if Bamboo and Tian Tian will converge.

Female pandas ovulate just once a year, with a narrow window of only 36 hours in which they can get pregnant. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are quite popular.

I had intended to write about plant pots and not pandas. Et comme si de rien n’était, la fée disparut!!!
Au Revoir xx