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Bite This Peach



Peach biter
flips to face
close and juicy
losing faith
edging warmth
Cresting Falling
plugged inside
a Tipping Point

Tipping Point
inside plugging
Falling Cresting
warming edge
losing reach
juicy close
face to flip
Now Bite this Peach


Toes should be near soon


Rogue Vogue



Feel this
blonde wrapped
round an incisor
wound to my left canine
No need to lick
back of hand
coaxing dryness
‘I think you have it’
We both have it
Now kiss me with your hairy tongue


My Rogue Vogue solitary tumbleweed can befall those of us with longer locks, or those of us with a dear friend of a hairy abundance, causing the ‘Hairy Panic’ 

Perhaps I should have named this poem ‘Hairy Panic’ after the pesky Australian tumbleweed currently in the news.