(He’s been Kneeing again)
kneading more now he’s knee’d me
My knee name is kneeded kneeware now
Knee nose this
Knee kneeded time off to heel
Knees kneeded heeling time
Heeling towards kneel
(Kneel is my IKEA friend)
Knees now look like knees
Knocked and Gnarled from Kneeling Flatpacks
(everyone a doweling)
but Knees knee-the-less


Night Mushrooms Taken while Crouching


After fallen knees have been recovering, I’ve somehow managed to have a driving test amidst a load of driving examiner strikes And somehow have managed to pass! This does not suit my head. My head and Gandalf believed next June was a time that I could pass.

Had to remove myself from FB once more while the knees healed and ended up watched 5 series of Downton instead.


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