Jam Lady




Jam lady
walks the hills
Spoon-feeding jam to the weary (yet wary)
Be polite & taste her wares
For if you don’t –
She can be quite jam scary



Tis the season to be jammed and to jam.
I’ve gooseberried and I’ve strawberried
Just about to be apple & blackberried
All hail to my breadmaker and its jam function
All hail to the jam jars and my inability to throw them away.


I will have leftover blackberries to seep into Vodka.
Here they are in a lovely pyramid.


Pyramidal Blackberries


Vague Jam recipe in the breadmaker

Fruit 600g ish (if its big chop it up)
Sugar 400g ish (caster/granulated)
Maybe pectin

While this is happening
Put a small saucer in the freezer for the jam test.
Select jam function for about 1hr 40
When ready get saucer out of freezer and check jam consistency
(you can always cook for further increments if not quite set)
And now you are jammed up!



Grumpy Strawberry


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