The Wind up her Tail



Circling ceramic vans

Trying to keep to the pavement

She’s got the wind up her tail.


Chasing a loose plait

Grazing walls, drawers with pleading palms

Stair clambering from atomic wings

Can you see it?


Can’t you see it?


Olive Oil

softens the whisper

Kills the Whisperer

drowns the voices


Deadens the wind up her tail



I’ve previously lived with cats and seen them go berserk on the odd occasion. 
My Mum would say ‘He’s got the wind up his tail’
Now I know why
Yesterday the wind was up my tail.
An insect had flown/crawled deep into my ear.
It had got stuck but was still moving/breathing/living.
This sensation made me lose complete control.
I spun and I spun (trying to spin it out I suppose)
Crashing around the house with huge the desire to flea from myself
(That wasn’t an intentional pun) and wanting to wrench off my ear.
Star Trek 2,  Wrath of Khan, The Chekov Ear sequence springs to mind

Minor injuries Unit in Malvern were most lovely.


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  1. Yikes, poor you, that sounds horrendous…I’d have been spinning too. Glad to see minor injuries at Malvern were good. All well now?
    …and you got a poem out of it 🙂

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