Tainted Sweets




Purple Prisms of Evil

Discs of the Disgusting

Tongue Tormenters

Filth Frequenters

Suffocated by cellophane twists

Protecting us from their putrid perfumed mist.

I’ll not forgive that Pontius Pilate

He instigated the execution of Parma Violets



What I’m attracted to is stripes and strips

Your perfect chemical sherbet lips

Pacers and Drumsticks

Humbugs / Candy Canes / Everton mints.

All happy saliva toothy chintz

It’s a sweet affair

You and me

Sugar and Striped

Love hearted wrongs

of modified swizzled starch don’t belong

anywhere near us.

Parma Violets

I’ve managed 12 days of not logging onto my nemesis addiction 🙂

Anyway, tis all good and healthy.

Happy 2015!


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