Hmmm & Grrrrrr



Do I?

Don’t I?
Will I?
Won’t I?
Hmmmm & Grrrrrrr!

They do intensive courses for people like me
Go Fumigate
Climb into the metal prison with wheels
Room for two…three or four
Point and go
Unfortunately Animated
still Hmmmmm & Grrrrrrrr!
Could help the freak
with a squeak and a tweak
But mainly an Eeeeeek!
Seeking and a-hitting all those various buttons
grabbing keys, thrashing peddles 
screwing up tissues to meddle around the automative issue.

Hmmmmmm & Grrrrrrrrr!

So, wipe away this fear
Get yourself into gear
And Bloomin Learn
To Bloomin well Drive!


My Provisional Driving Licence came in the post yesterday. Need to now make a phone call.
Bloomin is a replacement word.


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