Devil’s Bridge


Aglets avoid 
Nasal Gleet at
Devil’s Bridge
Cow lady delivered riddled rites
Thought herself cunning clever
Never looking down at the forest floor
whilst my worm of horse pummelled oak
laying a million eggs to gently stoke
each passing Cockroach
Mantis, Grasshopper
Or Trickster.

Come be my host
I’m the prettiest of knots
betwixt three bridges.
Climb Jacob’s Ladder smug
Every encroaching step
helps me burrow rot in your foolish flesh
Rug already pulled half under
from eyes unwise.
I’ll surf within you woman.

Once in your bulging belly
I’m Able to burst from within like Kane
twisting and twirling like Sigourney woven hair.

You’ve heard I take no prisoners
And yet you even dared?
See how you split in dogg’ed pain
Gibbering water-falls from all of thee
salt tears perpetually sizzle down
Seeking out the Wretched Sea
Nothing but the Wretched Sea
For all that’s left is Wretched Sea.

IMG_2657   IMG_2667

Devils Bridge Falls are where Three bridges are built on top of each other. The area was recently made popular by BBC Wales drama serial Hinterland. The bridge is unusual as each one is built upon the previous. The most recently built is an iron bridge (1901), which was built over a stone bridge (1753), which was built when the original bridge (the one built by the Devil!) was thought to be unstable.  I was fascinated by the tale of the old woman who tricked the Devil into building and letting her across the bridge to help her retrieve her cow. Surely the Devil wouldn’t have accepted defeat so readily! My poem is what happened subsequently.


Devil’s Bridge Falls through viewfinder

The weekend continued to be one of those discovery ones.
Walking the falls we discovered our first Horsehair Worm (Gordian Worm/ Knot)
and who knew that Chronic Nasal Catarrh is massive problem for a Horse? (Nasal Gleet)
And that the plastic bit of the tip of your shoe lace- that’s a aglet!!


Horsehair Worm at Devil’s Bridge Falls


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