James Fisher


Fly feathered beauty
Pedestal sprouted branches
can not be severed
Migration is inevitable
as Swifts switch sides
These eaves were never entirely cemented
perhaps just seen as mildly dented
with a tale that may have been invented
I was and am the Biggest Greatest Tit


James Fisher was born in 1935.  A keen bird watcher, he never married, but yearned for his darling Phillipa.
When he died earlier this year a shoebox was found with cuttings/letters/ school reports, postcards
and various letters and poetry.



James Fisher is a fictional character. He was created by 4 writers at Ceridwen, Wales on a Room to Write Weekend on Saturday 18th October.
James wrote this poem in 1963 soon after Pippa ended their engagement. I chose to write the above and an email to Uncle Jimmy from Beatrice, his god daughter (Pippa’s daughter)

This is my second Room to Write Weekend. It was fantastic to share the writing experience with my Mum.
Marcus Moore and Sara-Jane Arbury run a wonderful course in beautiful surroundings where you can immerse yourself in words and delish grub. They’ll  be hosting another in May 2015 🙂



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