Theatrical Kisses


Air Kisses
Cheek Kisses
Lips that deliver and breathe kisses
Mwah kisses
Darhling kisses
Extreme and Lovey Duvvy kisses
Skin on skin with Firm kisses
Anticipated and dreaded kisses
The Busses, the Blisses, the Trembling Wishes,
Caresses and embraces
The meeting of two unfamiliar faces
Pucker, smootch and peck and graze
glance and chance with eyes that gaze
Freshen up with parted lips
where tongue and teeth so minty clean
Mustn’t bite and Mustn’t nip.
Must only use extreme lip tips
So thrust with vigour
Your lips that quiver
To aim, receive and playfully tease
Presenting the ultimate dangle
Poised at the ultimate audience angle
As we try hard not to moistly mangle
Hoping our mics won’t feedback /tangle
ruining the splendid tender moment
carefully painstakingly choreographed
so we both don’t snigger or laugh
No matter how daft it feels
This lipage surreal congeal appears to appeal
So let’s not make a meal out of this face-plant ordeal
As it’s certainly not for me and you
It’s for others to applause, enjoy and view.

Have a nice Bon-Bon!

Have a nice Bon bon! Picture Taken by Pat Strauss.

I’ve given Theatrical Kisses a Sweeney Todd make over. I wrote the initial version in 2010. I’ll never see Bon Bons in the same light!  Many a sleepless night occurred over how Mrs Lovett should insert the sugar-coated sweetie into Mr Todd.  All was well when I decided to eat the obstacle. To see more pictures of LADS productions. Go to


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