A Theatrical Pause



When all is now waned
And we have weaned ourselves a little from each other
I still feel my skin rippling with goose bumps
Awaiting our turn in the wings
to grab what we can and take what we might
Remembering to always stay in those bright bright lights
Seduced by the Stage
Props, scenery and clothes
Where life is a joyful pretence
Our paths have been mapped
Our words have been set
Encouraging us where to go
and whom that we should get


Don’t fall in love with the stage
and all that tread on her
Stay rooted – Stay grounded
The theatre can be unfounded and unsafe
Temporary satisfaction
can lead to a sense of sorrow
when today will become that ever looming tomorrow
So my dears
Let us get out quick
Let us strike then retreat
Removing the make up and the masks
completely ending the creative task
with a sigh, a sob…..
……………and a bow.


I wrote this in 2011 after performing in the Community Production of The Beggar’s Opera in Malvern.
The LADS production of Sweeney Todd made me think of it again (Sept 2014)

When’s the next show 😉 ?


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  1. I am so sorry I couldn’t attend any of the performances as I am sure they, and you, were brilliant. Grease paint in my blood too so I think your words are profound and always true.

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