Mixed Fruit




Two friends were watching a Box Set

Bingeing on Game of Thronely

Their eyes did spy a creature

4 legg’ed


a bit bony

One friend said to the other



Why is that lonely horse

there grazin

covered in currents

orange peel and raisins?


That’s not a horse!

It’s a Pony-Tony!



Groany! I’ve got a thing for Game of Thrones
I’ve also got a thing for Panettone
You can make it in the Breadmaker a bit like this

1.5 teaspoony yeast
400g strong white flower
4.5 tablespoony sugar (plus two for luck)
1 teaspoony salt
50g Butter (cool and cubed)
2 eggs
200ml Milk

Breadmaker will beep at you at around about 55 mins
time to bung in the remaining ingredients
70g extra butter (that’s been fridged and cubed)
150g Mixed Fruit

3.5 hours all is well. Sing the theme tune as it kneads.


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