It came as a plop
Must have been a mistake
But I spy the postie
Scurrying through the gate

There’s always the…..

recycling bin. But it’s still near the house
It could upset the wildlife
(David the Woodlouse!)

I won’t let the  ________ go down on me
The ________ Always Shines on TV

I could wrap it round Rhubarb
And let it all crumble
But might my culinary fumble
be tainted and jumbled?
I don’t want to choke
on ruminant pulp or pap
of Guess the celebrity endorsing this tat

Here comes the…..

local post box all shiny and red
(mainly used to keep in touch with Auntie Mildred)
I survey the aperture and question the size
Will mine fit with the rest of the street’s ones inside?



Return to Sender




With thanks to The Stranglers. Nik Kershaw, Aha, The Beatles and Elvis





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