Oh Midge Ure – You’re Midge of the Moment




This means nothing to me
Oh Viennetta*
Dum dumm
Duh duh
Dum Dumm
On a rounder’s vendetta
Slap that swarming band of false tickles
as these mighty midges munch
under chin and round the hairline
To seek and destroy
all skin of a sensitive nature
Nibble nibble
Bitey Delighty
At first base
I’m the one that hives
The rest survive the feasting
with their oh so OB1 blood
Second stop, keep clapping
At third more flapping
Deter all the evils
With the clappy flappy dance
The ball is a distraction
The bat a swinging weapon
Run forth to fourth with your private cluster floatation
This means EVERYTHING to me.
I swing
I hit
I’m caught
I get the whole team out
Oh Midge Ure, You’re Midge of the Moment

*The Viennetta is mint and is on special offer.


The midges like to masquerade as a puff of false annoyance.
The wheals only pop out a couple of days after. I am now an itch. They were considerate though, and left a space for my face. Any good creams or deterrents out there?
Catherine 3 – Midges 30



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