Rubik Cube Google Doodle



photo (19)

google doodle

spewed a cube

onto my screen

Would be rude

Not to partake

in the puzzle delight

But on the monitor

it don’t feel quite right

as fingers can’t fathom

different clicks of the clicks

Digit rubbing a Mac

gives no solid fix

OR physical kicks

Yet the task has been set

and I overclick underclick

solving the mix

(not at all very quick)

however it gives me cause to contemplate things

Like existence

& all those weeks being transfixed

obsessing over these colourful stickerful bricks

invented by that trickster

Mr Ernő Rubik


Happy 40th Anniversary



Google have a working Rubik Cube today on google doodle to celebrate 40 years of the Cube. The year of my birth. I worked out this cube when I was nine. Frustration made me take it apart and work backwards. Tis still one of my fave objects. I have no choice but to complete this google offering. If I see one jumbled – I need to tidy it.

It’s all down to pretty patterns and corners.

My fastest time is around 1min 20 seconds.

This time I will try not to beat my first google doodle time of 20:21 and 185 clicks.

Even though I REALLY REALLY NEED to and WANT to.

Will I be strong enough?

** Of course I wasn’t strong enough!
2nd attempt 177 moves in 17:25
3rd attempt 119 moves in 7:50 (that’ll do :-))
Also discovered it’s the same configuration each time – 
so in theory I should become faster and faster.

If you have a need to have a shuffle. Go to Google and open up a new tab or go get out the real thing. There’s always one or two a lurking 🙂

For the obsessed, the article in the Guardian is full of Nerdish Cubeness. Follow the link if you have a need.



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