Train of Thought





Tidy blonde boy, featherless

No foliage, good shoes, undistinguishing hedges

Impresses pal with the ability

to hit incredibly large moving object with a small rock


protects head

head turkey twizzles

slip slides along dense fabric seat

Shockety Shock Shockety Shock

Normally I’m just about the rabbits

rabbit rabbit


Trampoline habitual counting

Bounce Bounce Bounce


Bounce   Bounce     Bounce


Shockety Shock Shockey Shock

is that a pigeon or a badger?

A badger or a magpie?

Salute them all just in case

Shockety Shock

surreal touchy feely almost sleepy montage moments of

thought and whooshing


He really threw it

He really did

Like that time my sister hurled the dart at me


(but I deserved that

daring her 23 times in a big sister kinda way

80’s Noel Edmond’s furry jumper saves the day)

Overarm sharked

Jaws become



They stop the train




This was inspired by the 6.53 train from Malvern on Friday. Yet again the inevitable mother/daughter combination brings about an incident.

Luckily the trains come with toughened glass

Is it Mum or is it me?

Is it me or is it Mum?


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