Squally and Rough



Scissors snip and snipe
each dead follicle
I’m too old for my hair
or at least for the length
Was hoping to go white like my Nan’s Nan’s Nan
but the greying weighty span
sprawls in a way that whispers

westerly breezes
occasionally cyclonic

Here is the shedding forecast
of a Cromarty and Doggard nearly Forty something

Becoming disappointment
Falling slowly
Never ever good

Split ends veering unconditionally
conditioned to detangle

Using products

Increasing spiral spider patties of wire waste
strained from the fast net hexagonal unplugged deceiver

Rising slowly

Slap clumps up high on scrabbled tiles
Hair Reaper cometh (Shannon)

Decreasing for a time

cut it cut it cut it
just below
you’ve got a few years to maybe grow
if you change your mind

Rain and showers later

 photo (11)



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