Mutual Disgustion




     Mutual disgustion

     Try semi-combustion

     You and your dim witted wick

     As dickwits and dipsticks

     Dream of pissing Pick and Mix licks

     using Woolies graveyard plastic scoops

     poking relentlessly at dirty hurt

     Sowing looped seeds to a Schubert spurt

     Planting sequential eventual neglect

     I suspect you didn’t think of that….. did you?

     Attach paper and taper

     (Not the safety sort)

     Go skittle yourself

     Go strike

     Get wrecked – like Ralph

     But I’m worried a near miss 

     might leave you still upstanding

     With your match head facing north not south.

     Why not Scrape it against a wall

     See if you can create a spark

     It’s worth a try

     For the sake of my

     so called sanity.

     Go on

     I quite fancy a laugh.

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