Not on my Turf




Not in my backyard

Not on my turf

I had my first classic

traditional meal there

Prawn Cocktail, Scampi

Black Forest Gateau


You’ve taken on the baton

for some ego massaging

In my backyard

On my turf

I drank so much

Hit my head on cold tiles

Dad cradled

told the operator

‘Yes she did lose consciousness

Fell down the stairs

like Joanna Lumley…

but without the fag’


The River’s coming up

in her Late 30’s

Setting a bad example

to her children

Take her to A and E

with the rest of them.

The Rivers coming up

in her backyard

on her turf


Several of my songs

shifted the river some more

Displaying three

decades of home.

It is my turf

It is my backyard


The Wind by Cat Stevens was playing

but isn’t right now. 


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