Bless This Dough


Farewell Foregate Patisserie
With your legendary Chelsea buns of yum
I’ll miss my doughly allowance
Exiting the station to see my Mum

I’ll miss the Danish Pastries
tong delivered black sticky cherry
Yours is the dougnut, Mum’s got the eccles
and Dad’s got the Mary Berry Ultimate Cake of Envy

I’ll remember our Saturday Lunches
A large Cottage and a wholemeal tin
Cheese and allotment green grown tomato pickle
Let the table picnic begin

Treasure shrouded in white paper bags
Christo masterpieces every one
Cake juice from mine tends to seep and leak
Revealing the tasty cakel splendour I’ve won

BUT it’s not all doom and gloom
Greggs up the road will save the day
Tescos next door, a Costa approacheth
Hooray Hooray Hooray!!!

Found out yesterday that The Foregate Patisserie in Worcester has closed down. No longer will we argue on the pronunciation of Patisserie (even though we’ve ALWAYS known that I was always right 😉 ) Pa- tiss- er-reeeeee
Does anyone have the Chelsea Bun Recipe?


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