Not again

You’ve trod on it

Squished it right in

in all the grooves

The stink

The Stench

There’s love on your



Don’t tread it in

We don’t want love on the carpet!

I’ve just hoovered


Keep yourself

contained in the porch

We’ll deal with this love

under the outside tap

I have a blunt knife

to scrape


blow torch

to scorch



love away




Let me look at them now

Show me your feet

Your left soul


all neat

No love remaining



Take a Seat



An almost valentine poem. You might have noticed I’ve changed the name of my Blog
CupCakes have evolved and grown into a certain kind of ideal over the last year.
I will still eat fairy cakes.


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  1. If there are any cupcakes feeling abandoned, let me eat them before they go stale..? 😉

    Really like this poem – the idea of love being treated as something quite unpalatable is a clever device – brought me up short! Like it.

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