Can’t Sleep


Can’t Sleep (and the internet doesn’t kick in until a time which wasn’t then) This was written in the missing hour somewhere between 4am and 6am in March 2012 depending on when one put the clocks forward. I’ve just found this poem in Nov 2012.



Is it Bad Karma to harm with a narna

even if you don’t like the fruity in question?

You’ve seen now its mother

clip clop in the gutter

arms dripping with new skin replenishing butter

with prize canter banter, a quick swig of Fanta

on way to the equestrian centre with Santa.

Father is some sort of stony path psych-o

Squashing his veg pack into lizard brand lycr-o

Forcing turned cheeks onto a sixty geared bike-o…..

Be quite sure to pass his threshold test!!


Which watt of the light bulbs was once now the best??

Brighter or brightest?

Tighter or tightest?

an hour to decide which is

Lighter or lightest?

I used to go with a 80 watt show

A filament of bulbous imagination

then the figment was severed

light vessel was weathered

a fine blizzard stopped

my goat being tethered

with ideas too good for my station.

99 red balloons floating

in the Summer Nation sky

with sheer Manic Nina Panic

doting on high

 all around this bloomin Heather

Time to go Lassie





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