St John’s Panther, A Golden Lion and Cats


Below are three poems, written as a collaboration between myself and the Yr 2 children of St John’s Primary School, Wallingford, after a workshop about Cats. Thanks to Spike Milligan and William Blake and Roald Dahl for their inspurration.
These 3 poems were then published in the local Oxfam Wallingford ‘Write Poetry Fight Poverty’ book.


The St John’s Panther

With silky black fur and his moonlit eyes
He will eat you all up
Faster than a lightning bolt
He is a swishing panther
A big and scary killing Panther
Do not be deceived by his pretty pink nose
And his soft funny panther pose
You may think he is not nasty or cruel
And is kind and sweet and cares for us all
But you’d be mistaken
With his sharp pointy teeth
And his sharpened claws
This panther is so ready you see
This panther IS going to eat me.

By Abby, Amelia, Carly, Connor, Henry, Matilda, Millie N and Toby all aged 6 and 7
from St John’s School, Wallingford and myself slightly older


A Golden Lion

In his fluffy fur coat

He is hot all the time and as heavy as an anvil

With his big brown eyes and his black nose

He is no circus clown

His fierce face can be so beautiful

His silver saliva jaws protect his tough and hairy tongue

His wiggly whiskers hide his big burning furnace of a mouth

And his hot and boiling breath

is ALWAYS smelly with blood

by Amy, Fergus, Jamie, Lucia, Paige, Reuben, Ruby and True all aged 6 and 7
from St John’s School, Wallingford and myself aged slightly older.


Meat hunter

Meat eater

Blood Drinker

Powerful cheetah

Sprinting panther

Leaping leopard

Terrifying tiger

And Snoring lion

These cats have sharp and spiky claws

These cats have silky and soft fur

These cats have sharp and pointy teeth

These cats they all do purr.

By Alisha, Caitlin, Eddie, Farrah, Finnley, Holly, Isabella, Jayden, Lizzie and Matthew
all aged 6 and 7  from St John’s School, Wallingford and myself slightly older.




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    • I’d forgotten just how much fun they were to write. Just been looking at the spreadsheet where I had collated all their words.
      Just found the line ‘Dark evil Red eyes as red as a Ruby’ Wish I used that too!!
      Glad your puss enjoyed them Holly 🙂

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