A Happy Poem about a Cow


I’m going to write a poem

I’m going to write one now

A happy flappy poem

while tethered to a cow.


My cow does like to moo

and so I do moo too

attempting to chew the cud

would be rather rude not to.


I think my cow’s content

That is why I’m here

Wondering what gives cows glee

and tender bovine cheer.


My cow does never stand,

for it’s always going to rain.

We squat down low in mud

and wish that it would drain.


The grass is never greener.

There are 50 blades of grey.

We look up to see the hidden moon

with a diddle diddle hey!!


I said I’d write a poem

I said I’d make it happy

Don’t know why I included a cow

You probably think I’m dappy.


But brain said choose a topic

Replying ‘ What right now?’

My happy flappy squidgy mush

decided on a cow!!


So I indeed I wrote a poem

There, right here, just now.

A happy flappy poem

about a tethered weathered cow.


There we go. Sun peeks through the misery. Cows are the way forward.
What should I cook for tea tonight?


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