Poetea Spellings for a girl aged 38


My Blue felt Poetea arrived with sewn in rain.
Poetea by Jo Langton. Hand made text tea bags.

Buy yourself one or two and have a fine cuppa from the link below


Below are the two spelling lists I created with my Poetea by
randomly writing down the first 10 words from each segment of the tea-bag.


The fresh One


Flesh gets weaker. Our

young start

scheming with

impure and

woeful thoughts. Looking for hidden


unsure about the forgotten


original promises. We are certain to be



With Lemon



Gasp and am

thankful for the




you. Our



beginning. Take me





5 responses »

      • I love doing poetry for children – little buggers had escaped for the most part by the time I did mine … damn and double damn! May catch them next time. Had rehearsed the wretched poems so the adults had to suffer ’em! πŸ™‚

      • There was no suFFering Polly. We Adults enjoyed them muchly. Next time we are on in the daytime- we’ll have to make sure we have a slot close together – or we need to choose a venue like a toyshop or a sweetshop to hold my kids attention. They were whisked away to the Forgate Patisserie πŸ˜‰

      • Gor, blimey! If I’d known that was where they’d hightailed it to … I’d ‘ave gorn wiv ’em πŸ™‚

        T’would be lovely to do sets with you in toyshops or sweetshops πŸ˜€

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