Travelling Cheese


This poem is dedicated to all those who’ve holidayed with a cheese.


My Travelling cheese

is a fine ripe Brie

it does make quite good company

on a hot Summers day

doesn’t get in the way

gives you dairy diary thoughts

on sticky Sunday jaunts.


Bio Culture Natural

fiction that’s not factual

yoghurt, milky gusset, actual

how now brown cow blue satch-ual


Take it to the seaside

Take it to the beach

Take it to the toilet

Keep within arms reach

Take it to the slot machines

Take it to the fair

Take it to that place

where they try and cut your hair

Take it below stairs

in a local National Trust

The smell will never go amiss.

In travelling cheese we trust.


And when you do tire of the Brie

Get your self some blue!

or a gorgonzola loosely wrapped

would very nicely do.


A cheesy haze

is not a phase

it’s the new accompaniment of choice

Enchant your family

Enchant your friends

with stinky cheesy farmers choice.


abrupt ending unfortunately

as death by cheese was swift

in the travelling vehicle (Windows sadly Up)

They were gassed by cheesy whiff 😦



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