Words from the piggy

in the middle

with the figgy

and the plums.


Tis the mincemeat treat

The Lazy girl Cake

Stalked all in one

method acting

sponge contracting.


Every baking girl

deserves actual eggs

with viable seeds too.


Plant the egg and not the seed

Crack into earth and watch it bleed.

Sow and risk it

plant and whisk it

Was it a good lay?



life suddenly strayed

left you sat on splintered slatted bench

Gangrenous legs wrapped in clingfilm

pickled sarnie thermos stench.

Clucking for chicks


Here chicky chick chick

Here chicky chick


We’ve got the same tail feathers

You and me.


Lazy Girl Cake Recipe


8oz SF flour

5oz Sugar

5oz Butter

2 eggs

3oz dried fruit

Jar of Mincemeat

Mixy Mixy bung in oven at normal


Meet  flat thing.


Lazy Girl Cake


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  1. Lovely poem Catherine – and I’m soooooo excited that you’re a finalist for the Bard of Worcester – well done – can’t wait to hear your poetry for the event xx

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