These days are yours.

You prowl a familiar gutter.


A waft of triumphal bin air

Strikes my face

I am bathed in leftovers

Heated crushed black plastic

with yellow stringed


Bitter teeth chomp and chew

Sending waste through a manic gut.

Pencil eyes that were never soft

Inch closer

Stabbing and Jabbing.

Pick out a jagged HB

From a hardened pack of ten

Snap in two


Stab and Jab

Stab and Jab


You name me

inbetween churns

With a brand new tint

of bin juice and bile.


I name you



Now Split!!

Tis not cloudy with the chance of Cottage pie today
Tuesday are always the days. Check out Bobby Parker Artist on FB.
His words made me remember I’d written this


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    • Fortunately not, but as they are quite big, I have to stand on one leg and stretch up to get the lid up and hoist my black bag in – I’m always a little afraid of misjudging it and ending up toppling in with my legs sticking in the air!. I’m guessing all the mulch weeps its way to the bottom… Mmmmm. On a similar bin-related note, at a former workplace a big old rat once greeted a colleague by popping up at her when she lifted the lid…! A Worcesterian Roland, I guess… πŸ˜‰

  1. Catherine, just to let you know that I’ve created a new page on my blog called ‘Awards’ and linked to you there – thanks again for my very first blogging acknowledgement – Polly x

      • Have you found your spellings yet?

        I have nominated you for all of the awards shown at the top of my Awards page – enjoy – you sooooo deserve them πŸ™‚

      • Thanks so much Polly for the nominations. I need to put aside some time and check out all your nominees πŸ™‚
        Spellings have entirely changed for a seven year old. They’ve been doing SATS and my son presented me with a 200 word spelling list instead! So spellings will have a completely different feel. I miss the similarities, the human element. These have been generated by a computer. Should I complain to the school? There are also another 100 high frequency words too. I know I should just really accept the challenge and create the 20 or 30 poems in the order that they have been given, but am not feeeeeeling the poetry love yet 😦

      • Ooooh … generated by a computer (!) Sorry my immediate reaction is ‘bizarre’, but then, a friend who deals with handwriting (which is a problem for many youngsters) tells me that rather than devoting time to teaching handwriting many teenagers are being advised to take a keyboard skills course – evidently this takes only 2 or 3 hours rather than the 2 or 3 days that a handwriting course would take – OMG say I.

        I would miss the similarities too, how can a computer get over the exceptions to the rule? Perhaps a chat with the school (rather than a complaint per se) might be useful?

        I have more questions rather than answers, Catherine. For example: do children really respond as well (better) to a computer as they do to teachers (I can’t imagine this, but acknowledge the possibility / would be interested in seeing the research …) Are teachers really sooooo busy adhering to the curriculum that they ‘don’t have time’ to do things that many of us would consider essential?

        High frequency words – what an ace description!

        When you’re feeling the poetry love, I’m going to bet that the 20-30 poems just trip off, you’ll get on a roll and hey presto bob’s your uncle and dylan’s your aunt πŸ™‚

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