Blossom came early this year.

Today in the grey

it continues to burst

petals drifting

clinging to puddles

For you x





These last few days

The winds have been dancing

Tugging and gently coaxing

Bursting and yearning

to dance and play amongst the breeze

Dusting everything in beauty and intensity

…….Such Pure Blossom


Yesterday those

winds calmed and relaxed

And you finally let go

Cascading at first

before floating gently away

nestling quietly amongst all the tracks

……as Pure Blossom


Your ideas always burst like these petals

Fresh with beauty

Dancing in doodles

Darting and zinging

Inspirational and fiery

You are an energetic and loving mother

Artistic and Sure

Creative to the core

….. and will always be purest Blossom



For Louise 5/2/1976 – 2/5/2011



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    • thats beautiful Catherine – my eyes are all teary now xxx looking at the fallen petals in my garden xxx thinking of my lovely Mum

    • Thank you. Louise was beautiful! Full of such artistic drive, bursting with ideas , constantly constantly creating. A real inspiration!! 🙂 I always think of a quote by Picasso, when we anguished over coffee one morn discussing poetry and art ‘To draw you must close your eyes and sing!!’… I’m still pondering that one :-)!!

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