Worcester Forgate Street to Malvern Link (Sat on the left hand side of the train)




On the platform

with mock Olympic flame.

Dredging the dirt by the Golden Grit.

Seagull becomes favoured.

A beard

delivers slow

drowning life

with harmless tinkle and a blow.

Debris and dirt

Keep out

mainly an array of twigs

plus three lone daffs and yellow dills

scream thrice into a sneeze.

My Sun

shades me

Clasps my frown with palm.

Tattoo and man

belong to a speed intense hiss….

Churchykuff Churchykuff Churchykufffff churchykuffffff


Familiar outline

pip into view.

Earth is neat

with grassy borders

Cherubs hurry

Rooks chastise

Sheep are rooted

A brook breaks free

to blink her eyes




Kiss me fires

Tips, tops and wires

Pigeon python

Busy beauty

Gets under Goal posts.

Straightened duty

A New approach.


Malvern Link the next station stop.




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