Poetry Slamming Preparation Thoughts


Giggles from the Butterflies

Making Dough with Tidy Time

Kitchen Deliberation

Of some words

Spinning round

Beat them up to keep them in.

Bread word maker.

Small breath taker

Growls and grinds



The Anti-clockwise unwind





No need to touch

No need to feel

Keep lid on it

Protect the seal

Look around for amplification

Place wooden spoon near face

Or large spatula with a similar bulbous proportion persuasion




3 mins to go

tiny peephole

time for the show

Peeking through the floured slot

Slam it now

While it is hot

While it is rising

The Final Crust!

Before the beeps

Slam thrust you must!

If you’ve succeeded

With what you’ve kneaded

And delivered time

Within time’s slot

Instead of points

This trophy’s yummy

Award breaded treat

Jam slammed and hot

To your nervous wervous tummy!



Always Always eat before you Slam!

Oh!! AND don’t do that thing that you shouldn’t be doing
instead of doing what you should be doing. There is a special word for this- it will come to me.


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