The Ashmolean with my son (still aged 6)


Look at this Picasso

I’m so so tired

This Kandinsky

Gimme cake, coz I’m wired

Let’s save the Manet

Me want the loo

Egyptians discarded the brain

I want a poo

Have you had a good time?

No, not really

What was your favourite bit?

The tea room, clearly

Time to go home

I want to go to the shop!

And have a big sleep

After my strop

You’ll appreciate it one day

Can we buy all this tat?

Persistence will avail

with age and all that

The Ashmolean, I think

needs a few more buttons

and Mummies to head butt

and seeds that are Sutton.

Interactive and touchy and

Tactile and feely

running around doing cartwheelies

with some calming injections

A Spock interjection

Not forgetting a cuddle station

Made of the finest cuddles,

sensible maps that won’t send you all muddled

sensible students that don’t move as one huddle

Audio guides to make one less befuddled

We still a good day out

And he is VERY funny

being absolutely enthralled

by the displays of donation money.

Plotting on how he can help himself,

Hmmmmmm where is the grabber

to grab all of the museum wealth?





The T-bag had my attention

Just thought I’d mention


And he really liked taking pictures of Gods in small groups.


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