The Ides of March or Jam Doughnut Day


Beware the Ides of March!!
But that was yesterday
23 did stab 
saved up on tab
and jabbed Julius Caesar away.

I, myself
did eat a doughnut,
from the Forgate Patisserie
(Pronounced in the Crosswell way OK?? 
it MUSTN’T be pronounced –  frenchly)
and that didn’t do me any harm (not yet)
As I pierced the jam
that was runny not set
the doughy sugared dough
sank into the bottom of my belly,
trying to produce an evil stRetching gas
odourlous not smelly.
BUT I was protected by a peppermint tea halo.
Hooray and Hoorah for soothing minty tea
and your angellic, calming, healing qual-i-ty.

I have just discovered the youtube and may hence away.
Seems to be an exciting media.

Baby Shower’s a go go!!


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