Black Rock

We trudge to the top
One of us under duress
Carrying life’s tools
Carving our names
In the stone grain for all to see
We smile
and click
and click.

Perched now on some smoothness
we gaze at the endless rest.

Lorry after lorry
Removing their quarry from the quarry.

Black Rock near Matlock (Bath)
Home of the flying 2p slot machines.
special machines that launch your 2p to the back of the machine causing
an enormous catascopic calochial cascadal of 2ps flooding in those secrety parts that you can never see. Knowing that the person who plays from within is the real winner.

How long can you make a a pounds worth last? The best machine is the one that turns your pound into 2ps. Listening to the 46 coins come out is quite quite something!!

Clink clink, chink chink, carpet thud, slide,
plastic beaker 2 pence fun time ride
Come with me on a 2p journey
Near those lakes at South Cerney

(except that that they don’t have their own
Take a machine with you – get it out on loan)
2 ps shuffling, dropping in a gap
Life really can not get better than that.

Can it?


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