A Proposal 



Yes it’s true
I think I proposed to you
In the year of the leap
In the year of the sheep
On bended knee
(after a long lengthy wee)
Shoved a rose in your face
Mumbled something quite unintelligiblelelulllull……….
It wasn’t on the actual 29th of February.
It was the similar Augusty one remember??
You were reading to
Humplebert Dinkleberry
and listening to cars on the radio.
I presented you with this flowery scenerio
and a pre-packed expensive
triple smoked bacon sandwich
as you played super car Mario.
Food is the only way in-
offer it and then do a grin
that is scarperproof,
Desert saharaproof.
With this sandwich I thee beg
With my rose and my one leg
Roast potatoes I can cook
Par boiled 10 mins
Then have them shook!
Place in oven, olive oiled
Girl proof proposal won’t be foiled
(unless oven is too hot in which case timings can be thrown out and forgot)
Lemon seasoning tangy tricks
Hearts and food
All soon do mix.
Cast your spell of proposal-ings
Cause confusion with a few wingdings
(which should be in this spacebut don’t seem to be working in this case)
This swift joyful intrusion
May have the desired conclusion
with the current diverted flirted object of your desire
and a YES should simply fire on out
he WANTS your prized winning roasties
have no DOUBT!!
And you’ll soon be married very quickly.
Bigamy /Shmigamy
Sweet and sickly
Lemonading our parade
with three toasters, a hostess trolley and a teasmaid.

I am spelling teasmaid like this because I like to think of  it as a maid that makes tea.
Made tea does make a bit of sense in the teasmade
. I make tea too. I am not a teamade  or a teamaid.
Don’t forget the daily doily that accompanies the morning cup.

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