Kreativ Blogger Award


I’ve received this award from two of my fellow blogsters, Ruth Stacey and Sarah James. I am very pleased to accept it slyly and shyly from my right but will happily and gladly pass it to my left to Polly Robinson and Hollyanne Gets Poetic and Virginia Rose Inelle with a slight pause in the middle.

Part of the requirements of this award is pass on 6 random facts about oneself- with or without pictures and to then nominate 2 or 3 blogsters to carry along the award baton if they so wish. Here is my randomness.

1. I have lived at all of these houses. Here they are
155, 29, 32, 44, 29, 77, 14, 30, 29, 144, 35, 40 and 32.
Here are their stats
Mean  = 50
Median  = 32
Mode = 29
I have now used these 3 M’s in my everyday life just to disprove a point to myself. See Catherine- it is possible!! Grrrrrr!! I’m ignoring the range as that begins with a RRRrrrrrrrrrrrr
2. I did Maths with Johnny Ball at Pebble Mill

3. My sister once threw a dart at me (it was my fault) Luckily it was the 80’s and that meant ENORMOUS wooly green jumpers requiring no washing. The perfect armour
4. I’ve met Orville and he really does live in a bin bag.
5. After suffering a Bell’s Palsy 7 years ago, my facial nerves fused back in such a way that when I yawn my right eye closes.- just like a plastic doll- a bit like Tiny Tears.
6. I was once visited by micro biologists (they came in white coats, beards and sandals with pockets bursting with Petri dishes) I was a lot more fortunate than Jane Seymour.
HTML is scary too!! Just like playing daughter at chess.

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