Oh Miss Many Bennet (the one after Mr Darncey)


Oh Miss Many Bennet
I must confess,
I take great pleasure in the way you brush you hair 
and the pregnancy of your dress.
Your teeth so very tolerable
if only they were borrowable
I’d shove them in my face and
suck my own dear perfect kiss…..
….It’s a wonder a gentleman can sleep at night
with your Aphrodite looks at the short of sight.
Embroidering at the pensively requited,
cocking your head- with a flirtation that has recently been emitted.
Secretly getting comfortable satisfaction from a well meaning Uncle.
Argghhh dear Cousin!!
Do tinkle on the piano forte forte
and part your mouth tunefully not naught-ally.
Sing a song about a lark – having one.
Deliver blow after blow with you floral arranging show
and drink many a cup of tease,
playing free verse and card games on suiters
getting them to do as you please.
Small chuckle
Weak strong weak strong weak strong weak strong weak strong
How -long– must- we -go –in -this –strange -man-ner
Drink-ing– our –tea -with- such -weak – mens -blad-ders
I’m tickled pink
by the way she sinks her self into ink
Her heart will always be trumps
Considering the grief of Heathcliff  and Miss Cathy Henshaw
(Yes tis the wrong fictitious era I know
But it is artistic license me dearies
I did learn that in a drama series)
I like to induce a throaty lump
with an eczema inducing tear
So I’ll continue to watch box sets in full
Till I’m ill again next year!! 
© Catherine Crosswell
A naughty fruity t-bag has burst. Every normal t-bag must now be shaken before it is stirred. 
My website might be ready soon. I managed to bring down the entire server yesterday by looking at it.
Shall I read this later?? Hmmmmmm



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