Oh Mr Darncey!!


Oh Mr Darncey!!
I adore the way your trousers enhance thee
When striding from a lake of  murk and weeds
After a hard days fencing
In a big town whereing and whencing
To conquer ‘this’ what ever ‘this’ maybe?????
Time for his broody moody interlude
Appearing in many a mirror
Imagining upper body makeup
So he looks like Adam Ant of
Stand and Deliver!!
the way you use a chaise long
durdle durdle durdle HUH!
Stand and Deliver
And merely perch upon your buttocks (strong)
Durdle durdle durdle HUH!
Leav-ing am-ple space-age for a wife to slip inside…..
inside…. durdley beside…… durdley inside – OFFSIDE!!……………………

Miss Eliza will be coming along soon. She is being currently under duress in progress- but first sugary alpen is in order.

We absorb in period dramas when we have a coldish cold cold-  it must be something to do with sneezing leading to past life regression and the need for raunchy ringlets!! OR I may have something as simple as a delirious brain melt which makes me hanker for lingering camera shots of eyes with eyelashes and National Trust Properties. OR maybe it is because I need to visit an NT tea room to bulge and indulge in  a piece of  most excellent viccie sponge to indeed patch up the missing brain cells brought on by the chilly virus. I really can not be arsed to make my own- so am stuck on the settee with a magic pouffe, seeing what they have for brekkie??!! I get very confused, brekkie looks like dinner to me- Where are the cheery Cheerios???


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