With a blocked nose
you can only smell a rose
that has been cultivated for it’s beauty and only that- no Pong.
With a blocked drain-
often blocked absentmindedly,
with the accidental pouring down of fat- so wrong.
With a blocked pore
you can spy the blackened head
and have much fun squeezing out the pus and rooted stem- so right.
With a a blocked ear
your hearing’s interfered
and thoughts are lightly wrapped inside your sickened head- so tight.
With a blocked road
you can beep all that you like
and consider the game of tetras with angry cars- so metal.
With a blocked number
(The number being withheld)
the offender will be getting off in yellow marigolds – and Dettol!!!
With a blocked vegetable,
often down to something medical
a dietician will give you some friendly free advice (NO- NOT THERE!!!!)
With blocked tear ducts
you’ll have a buildup of blocked sorrow
that can only be released by the Milk Tray Man (in his choccy lair)

Do Doooooooo Do Do Do Doooooooo…………..

And all because the lady loves
the blocked sock sat on this unattainable rock

My cold is getting worse. Baileys in Coffee is now the way forward and the Galaxy Ripple Man is making calls later instead

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