Spellings for the Figmented (Part 1)


I’m an
Flumpty, considering making a
jumpty out of life’s window. Would I bounce or go
bumpty? A proper
numpty and quite a
lumpty one at that. Hopefully I’ll be guarded by my
sumpty and won’t even crack like
Humpty did that day. I was fated to trip over Ron’s seal *insert noise here* the moment he did
Dumpty me. No more
pumpty. Luckily the ground it is/was
Cumfty like meandering, meaningful marshmallows, when I did suddenly
thumptally land (wrong side up- like buttered toast) I
promptally brushed down all the crumbs and with the remaining soldiers
marched back up to the top of the hill and was marched back up again, singing Marcho Marcho man, I want to be a Marcho man…………..and all was well.

NB. Spellings will always be written in the order that they are given. I have no idea who gave me these ones. If you would like to send me spellings, that would be most lovely – as I love a listy list 🙂

Watch Flumps and all will be well some more +  take two pink pills and wellness will surround you and your tummy. Make Flumpal noise all day- That is my prescription. Kiss Kiss


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