Unexpected train journey


I’m between Pritch and Conrad
in the covered waiting arena.
Both names have been engraved into the engrained wood
with (I expect) the compulsory compass you can buy from the man in the booth.
(who has never once smiled at me)
I flit between the two gnarled scrawlings, like a tennis umpire
in need of a lemon barley hit..
It is one set all.
There is no love here
No drawn hearts.
But – fluffy words keep appearing on the breeze.
They are talking sock alright!!
My listening channels do tune in,
While keeping an eye on the countdown clock (insert tune here)
‘Some surfaces may be slippery-so do take care’ 
the subliminal voice repeats on a loop, without a hint of human flare.
No wonder we can get sock obsessed…….
I think it’ll be here soon,
I feel the thick, sock vibrations
Warm socks,
Spare Socks
Yes! Socks that are Short
White socks?
Milk for Cat
Cat socks????
Too expensive
Whispered Jeans
Like these?
Jeans don’t fit me
Doesn’t matter
Just focus on the socks
Wooly socks?
Are you sure?
Are you sure that that will be enough?
We can only hope………
Sock chat goes hushed
More Billy Goats Gruff
Trip Trap over the bridge
As the train to Birmingham halts a smidge
for us to clamber on to.
I’ve got double socks on today
I think I can avoid the temptation,
when the sock trolley goes up and down the aisle
trying to enhance my circ-u-la-tion.
Here it comes

Clothe your  ankle and foot in clotheration  x2

I smile and wave my own pre-bought ones
and have to rummage quickly in my bag for proof of spares.
No Thank you– I say, I have NO guilt
I made sure I stocked up on my socks
and all other underwear I keep wilted under there.
DO please do be prepared on every journey
or they’ll catch you coldfooted- unawares
(or in the sandal zone, the scandal zone, which I would never ever condone)
AND even if you board with or without the required number of socks,
they’ll hit you with 
their enormous fares
or their enormous fox in a box.
Get in the trance
Pay in advance
Get in the trance
Pay it in advance
Get in the trance
Pay in advance

The next train will be cancelled due to ‘Hounds on the Line’

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