ABBA Sonnet


The Impure Sonnet Form (my first sonnet since school)
My pure school sonnet followed the scructure ABAB, CDCD, EFEF, GG

Inpure Sonnet form is as follows:


Agnetha, of ABBA fame and Benny
Bjorn of Bjorn again and Anni-Frid

Tis my guilty secret which I keep hushed- under a lid
Until I’ve saved up many a shiny penny

I trawl the listings for tributes , many
And study the attire on the youtube vid
I look on the ebay for kitsch clothes to bid
for me and my inflatable pal ‘Limp Lenny’

I tend to blow him up when I get there 
Quickly in the ladies lavatory
And deal with any tears with a quick repair
and take him to my seat and sit him on my knee
He very much enjoys the atmosphere –  the heated air
But he always tends to obscure my view- and then I can not see!!

© Catherine Crosswell

If this wasn’t a sonnet – I’d add another line
‘It’s not fair’
But it is – so I can’t

*Seeeeeeedy is really CD. CDs are also seedy to the vinyl lovers.


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